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Below you will find all products listed by our categories: fillers, touch-up materials, aerosols, cleaning and care products and auxiliaries. Also a good overview you will have in our current catalog as a PDF for download.


To achieve best repair results, we offer with our brand 'Sprüh-König' a range of aerosols matched to different repair requirements. For the manufacture of our Sprüh-König products, high-quality raw materials and solvents of the minimum possible hazard potential are used. Solvents or binding agents that are toxically risky are not employed. Our aerosols excel in very short drying periods, good adhesion as well as wipe and water resistance. The series Special Repair Lacquer Plus, Furniture Lacquer Plus and the Covering Lacquers are now equipped with a new valve and spray nozzle technology, which further optimizes the processing of our lacquers and guarantees an easier processing and application even for inexperienced users. Significantly less spray, reduced-pressure spraying and an even finer atomisation are the main advantages of the new technology.

To seal repairs without showing overspray and to adjust the sheen of the surface … » more

A high build lacquer to seal repairs and to re-lacquer small parts … » more

A high build lacquer to seal repairs and to re-lacquer small parts … » more

A high build lacquer to seal repairs and to re-lacquer small parts … » more

A slightly glazing NC lacquer to adjust the colour or rather to re-colour small wooden parts in interior areas … » more

An intensively glazing NC lacquer to re-colour small parts of wood and décor in interior areas … » more

For a fully opaque colour adjustment of repairs in the plain colour sector und to varnish partial areas … » more

For a semi-opaque colour adjustment of repairs in the wood shade sector and to varnish partial areas … » more

A special lacquer quality for the opaque colouring of UPVC window end caps … » more

To rectify large areas of attacked pearl and glimmer surfaces … » more

A special lacquer used to restore the texture after a repair on décor surfaces with pearl texture (plain colours) … » more

For high build priming as deep primer, blocking primer or as smoothing primer … » more

A fast-reacting lacquer dissolvent to remove grey bloom, water and alcohol stains … » more

To keep guide elements running smooth … » more

A wax-based silicon-free aerosol to prevent sticking grooves on windows and doors … » more